Dedication to our industry is more than just a catchy phrase, it’s a belief that Jack Ward Fire Consultants, as an entire team, puts into practice each day. For the second Valentine’s Day in a row, we thought we’d share some of the many, many reasons we love doing what we do.

5 MORE Reasons We Love Our Clients

1. You Make Us Look Forward to Mondays

We love the satisfaction we get everyday by helping you! Providing quality service and expertise to allow you to best serve your customers makes our jobs worthwhile. Customer service is a huge part of what we do and being able to work with clients who value this level of service makes our days better. With the broad range of fire investigation experience that our team holds, we enjoy helping from the smallest golf cart to the largest industrial occupancies.

2. You’re Leading The Way

For almost 50 years, Jack Ward Fire Consultants has worked tirelessly to be innovative and forward-thinking in our approach by utilizing the newest technology available, while also depending on the proven systematic approach to investigations. Because the industry is constantly changing with new technology and regulations, our clients have always been willing to share feedback that helps us implement better customer service techniques and investigative options. We’re grateful for the honesty and ideas our clients provide, and many of our service enhancements wouldn’t have been possible without the open lines of communication we have.

3. You Trust Our Team

Jack Ward Fire Consultants has always been proud to offer quality, hand-picked forensic experts who are vested in their career, court qualified, and who have been challenged during sworn testimony and prevailed. Over two-hundred and fifty combined years of fire investigation and courtroom testimony experience, allows us to provide the best expertise the industry has to offer. Our team works to build trust with our clients throughout the investigation process so that you feel confident when heading into litigation.

4. You Know What You Want

Jack Ward Fire Consultants prides itself on reaching conclusions that are objective, detail oriented, and ethical to offer you and your clients the best in the industry. This is not only the idea behind our company, but the passion for each employee who works with us. We hire driven people who have a passion for the fire investigation industry and for providing excellent customer service each step of the way.

5. You Give Us Opportunities To Make A Difference

Any company hoping to gain and maintain happy clients will tell you that word of mouth is better than any kind of paid advertising. That’s why Jack Ward Fire Consultants is so appreciative of the recognition we get from our clients! Whether it’s a feedback form to our inboxes or a mention on social media, we can’t thank you enough for sharing how Jack Ward Fire Consultants is making a positive difference in your role. Throughout the years, our loyal clients have supported us and motivated us to continue to do what we do.

So, once again, thank you! And Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us.