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Welcome to the Jack Ward Fire Consultants photo gallery.

Commerical Fire Investigation
Commercial fire investigation in a large furniture warehouse that became a complex arson case for our fire investigation experts assisted by our in-house private investigator.
Fire and Explosion Investigation Commercial Fires
Multi-story commercial fire loss where our fire origin and cause experts were able to determine the origin and cause of the fire via the systematic approach outlined in NFPA 921, Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations.
Commerical Fire Loss LP and Natural Gas Investigator Hazardous Material Fire Investigator
Commercial loss where our LP gas and natural gas investigator was utilized. Cases of this type may also require the need for our hazardous material investigators to assist with areas deemed unsafe for normal human habitation.

Fire and Explosion Investigations Arson Investigation
Following fire and explosion investigations by a public sector arson investigator our fire origin and cause experts frequently retain heavy equipment to further excavate the area. This aspect of the fire investigation is additionally an integral part of our large loss management at industrial fires.

Agricultural Fire Investigation Georgia Fire Investigation Hazardous Material Fire Investigator
Agricultural fires area a frequent type of loss for our Georgia fire investigator as well as our Alabama fire investigator. Agricultural fire losses occasionally involve hazardous materials and require a HAZWOPER certified fire investigator. 
Residential Fire Investigation
Total fire loss in a residential structure previously investigated by other fire investigative agencies and other fire investigation companies. Our fire experts who are also members of the International Association of Arson Investigators were able to identify the origin and cause of the fire and potential for subrogation.
Our CEO and Fire Investigator, David Cheers, examines the damage to the interior of a large pressure vessel involved in an industrial explosion.
Fire Investigator, David Cheers, assesses damage to a large commercial building involved in an explosion.
Restaurant Fire Investigator Commercial Fire Investigator
Unified fire investigations involving multiple experts such as a fire expert, natural gas fire investigator, LP gas investigator are frequently encountered. Our Florida fire investigator was able to determine the origin and cause of this total loss restaurant fire.

The Founder of Jack Ward Fire Consultants, Jack Ward, overseeing an origin and cause investigation operations.

Large Loss Fire Investigation
Large fire losses and commercial fire losses required coordinated large loss management and pose unique concerns for any origin and cause investigator. Multiple private fire investigators were involved in the investigation of the fire in this large commercial building.
Commercial Fire Investigation Florida Fire Investigator
Early photograph of a commercial fire loss involving a printing company that was provided after a Florida arson investigation.  
South Carolina Fire Investigation
Overhead view of a large commercial fire loss in a rural portion of South Carolina. Our fire investigation experts determined the cause and origin of the fire and provided expert testimony concerning their findings.
Georgia Fire Investigation
Fire and explosion investigation conducted in Georgia. Product liability was suspected in the cause of this fire.
Industrial Fires Subrogation Origin And Cause Experts
Industrial fires often involve industrial equipment. Fire investigation agencies are frequently the first on the scene followed by private origin and cause experts. In this case our consultant identified subrogation potential related to a manufacturer.
Heavy Equipment Fire Investigation
Heavy equipment fires can represent a major fire loss for insurance companies. Our fire and explosion expert conducted a systematic fire origin and cause investigation to identify the failure that was responsible for the fire.
Aircraft Fire Investigation Florida Fire Investigator
Aircraft fires are rare but require a competent fire consultant to determine the origin and cause. This helicopter fire occurred in a hangar in Florida.
Fire And Explosion Investigators
Fire training is required by NFPA 921 for all fire investigators. Training burns such as this are attended regularly by our fire and explosion investigators.
Marine Fire Investigation
Marine fire investigation conducted by our fire and explosion expert.<br.
Boat Fire Investigation Florida
Boat fire investigation conducted in Jacksonville, Florida. 
Vessel Fire Investigation Miami Florida
Pleasure vessel fire investigated in Miami, Florida.
Marine Fire Investigation
Marina fire where many large boats were burned. Heavy equipment was employed by our marine fire expert in the fire origin and cause investigation.
Marine Explosion Fire Investigation
Marine explosion on a large pleasure craft. LP gas expert determined that a gas leak was possible responsible for the fire and explosion.
Marine Fire Investigation Origin And Cause Investigation
Marine fire investigation being conducted on the water. Frequently barges and cranes are used by our fire investigators to assist in determining the origin and cause.
Florida Marina Fire Investigation
Large marina fire in Florida where a unified fire investigation was conducted by multiple fire experts representing multiple parties and fire litigation firms.
Marina Fire Investigation
Large marina fire in Florida where multiple fire investigation companies were instrumental in determining the fire cause.
Residential Fire Investigation
Residential fire training burn conducted in Florida.
South Carolina Fire Investigator
South Carolina fire investigation in a two story house.
Georgia Fire investigation
Georgia fire investigation completed by our fire expert after a total loss house fire.
Ohio House Fire Investigator
Ohio house fire investigation conducted by our Cincinnati certified fire investigator.
Miami Fire Investigation
Miami fire investigation conducted by our certified fire investigator.
Georgia Fire Investigation
Georgia fire investigation where the origin and cause investigation revealed it to be a fireplace fire.
Arson Investigation
Arson investigation conducted in a house fire where the couch was determined to have been set on fire.
Georgia Fire Investigation
House fire investigation in Georgia where careless smoking was determined in the fire cause and origin investigation.
South Carolina Residential Fire Investigation
Large Residential Fire Loss In South Carolina.
Mobile Home Fire Investigation
Mobile home fire investigation conducted in Florida. This fire was determined to be the result of arson and an arson investigation was completed by public officials.
Vehicle Fire Investigation
Vehicle fire investigation conducted by our company using the scientific method outlined in NFPA 921.

Vehicle Fire
Vehicle fire training burn conducted in Florida.

Vehicle Fire Experts
Our vehicle fire experts frequently provide training for firefighters and arson investigators to enhance their fire investigation skills.
Vehicle Fire Investigation Alabama Product Liabiliy
Vehicle fires continue to occur throughout the nation. This Alabama vehicle fire investigation was suspected to be the result of product liability.
RV Fire investigation Florida
RV fire investigation conducted in Florida. The cause was determined to be an electrical fire in the living area.