As we think back on this day 19 years ago, we are reminded of the incredible sacrifices of so many. We think about the firefighters, medics, police, military, and others who jumped into action as this despicable act of terror unfolded. The day hits especially hard for us here at Jack Ward Fire as all of our investigative team members are former first responders. We understand what a truly brave act of heroism it is to run into a situation that the rest of the world is running from.

Today we want to honor and remember all of those whose lives were lost and those whose lives were forever changed from the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001. Many of us lost friends and colleagues on this day and are reminded each year of what incredible individuals they were. We also want to thank those who worked to help those communities recover in the years since, including some folks on staff here at JWFC. As we reflect on this somber day, we encourage our followers to take time today to thank a first responder or military personnel in their life.

Thank you to all JWFC staff who have worked in these critical roles:

Jack Ward – Firefighter
David Cheers – Firefighter, Law Enforcement
Tom Angst – Firefighter, Paramedic, Law Enforcement
Brian Brooks – Firefighter, Law Enforcement
Ron Jarocha – US Air Force, Law Enforcement
Scott Mackanick – US Army, Law Enforcement
Dana Mason – US Air Force, Firefighter
Jeff Merritt – Law Enforcement
Josh Plummer – Firefighter
John Stewart – Firefighter, Law Enforcement