As we return to our fall season, the beginning of October marks the National Fire Prevention Month. October 9th – 15th also marks the annual fire prevention week, but with fire prevention at the forefront of many fire departments, the time frame has been extended to encompass the entire month of October, in hopes to educate as many youths, and parents, as possible. Firefighters will be in schools across the nation, educating youth about smoke detectors usage as well as placement and usage of fire extinguishers. Local fire departments will be traveling around with their “house fire” simulation trailer where children will learn about pre-fire planning for exiting of the home as well as the  “stop, drop and roll” philosophy.

 This year Boston Firefighters have resurrected their pizza delivery/smoke detector program in which the firefighters will take over the duties of delivering the pizza and also inspecting the home for correctly operating smoke detectors.  Many other departments are conducting volunteer chimney/ fireplace inspection and recommendations for certified professionals to assist in cleaning before the winter season is upon us.
It is important to keep the proactive ideas of fire prevention at the forefront of our fight on fire. After all, the best way to fight fire is to prevent it.