There has been another recent warning in regards to compact fluorescent lamps also known as CFL`s. October 5th 2010 the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissions recalled over 100,000 of the Trisonic Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs due to fire hazard. Over a year later not all brands have been recalled but there are still safety concerns and warnings in regards to the newly designed compact fluorescent lamps, the bulbs that resemble a pig’s tail. The CFL’s were designed to replace the older incandescent bulbs because they use one fifth of the power while lasting 6 to 10 times longer. The issue with the CFL’s is their operating function; these lamps use electricity to heat an element that heats the mercury vapor in the tubes. When the vapor is no longer capable of producing light, the electronics of the lamp continue operating, leading to overheating, smoking and possible fires.