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The insured hired a contractor to replace their worn shingled roof. When they returned home she smelled the odor of burning wood similar to when a circular saw blade binds up. They thought nothing of it as the roofers did replace some rotten decking. Around 2:30 a.m. they woke up and noticed a smoky haze throughout the house. The insureds exited their home, calling 911 and the roofing company. The fire department responded and extinguished the fire in the attic.

 An origin and cause investigation was conducted and an ignition source could not be located. The fire appeared to have been a smoldering fire that occurred between the sheetrock and the insulation over the bedroom. A detailed statement was taken from the insured regarding the roofing company and from the roofer recording the timeline of events the day of the fire. A copy of the contract for services was also obtained. A background search was conducted on the roofing company’s employees.

 The carrier placed the roofing company on notice and began their subrogation investigation. The carrier settled the insured’s claim for $83,248.11 and due to the comprehensive investigation, was able to recover $75,000 in subrogation costs. This exceptional result was accomplished by a joint team effort including the O&C investigator, the subrogation investigation (SIU) and the carrier’s identification and successful pursuit of subrogation.