Continuing education is essential in the field of fire origin and cause investigations.  Jack Ward Fire Consultants takes pride in ensuring that our team of forensic fire investigators stay abreast of the latest industry trends and developments.

Our Ohio based Fire Investigator, Tom Angst, will be in attendance this week at the International Association of Arson Investigator’s (IAAI) Complex Fire Investigation for the Insurance Industry six-day training course in Huntsville, Alabama. Tom will receive valuable knowledge and continuing education credits from this course which includes,
but is not limited to:


  • Civil vs Criminal Law Financial Investigations
  • Overview of Origin/Cause-Systematic Approach
  • Multi-Defendant Arson Insurance Fraud Case Study
  • Interaction of Insurance and Law Enforcement at Large Loss Fires
  • Electronic Data Collection
  • The Daubert Rule

During this week long program Tom will be able to apply new techniques he will learn during practical exercise investigations of complex arson, fraud and for-profit schemes. This program is presented in partnership with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and instructed by some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable investigators.  This course will take place at the National Center for Explosive Training and Research (NCETR).

Be sure to check out the International Association of Arson Investigator’s website for future training opportunities.

All our investigators are committed to a “career-long learning” philosophy that enhances their knowledge and efficiency in the fire and explosion investigation industry. This is a philosophy that is shared throughout our company, helps each member of our team stay up to date on the newest investigative skills, and assures they can apply them to all losses, from marine and motor vehicles to residential and warehouses investigations. 

Are you committed to a “career-long learning” philosophy too?  Do you have a need for a local training program for your employees to gain valuable knowledge and continuing education credits?  Give us a call, 866-559-3476, we would be happy to present a program on or off-site for your employees.  Many subjects to choose from or we would be pleased to prepare a customized program on a fire origin and cause or special investigation topic of your choice.