Jack Ward Fire Consultants prides itself on reaching conclusions that are objective, detail oriented, and ethical to offer you and your clients the best in the industry. This is not only the idea behind our company, but the passion for each employee who works with us. Our company is a family and each of us have a common personality trait: passion. We hire driven people who have a passion for the fire investigation industry and for providing excellent customer service each step of the way.

Here’s what our team says drives their passion each day:

Jack Ward, Founder

“I got involved in fire investigation back in the early 70s with the Hamilton, OH fire department. There During my time there, I was assigned an arson fire and when I arrived on scene, I already had info and knew who the arsonist was. So the next day, I turned him into the chief. A few weeks later, I was asked to become the arson investigator representing the city and county. From there, I had a passion for fires and how they started. I wanted to know what person or product put this sequence together. In the early 80s, I saw a need to leave the public sector and start a private investigation company. Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to the fire causation industry and it’s my passion to work as long as I can.”

David Cheers, CEO / Senior Fire Consultant

“We’ve been in business since 1974 when Jack Ward founded this company. The combination of expertise from years of experience and the use of cutting edge technology allows us to bring the quality fire and explosion investigations our clients need.”

Tom Angst, Fire Investigator covering OH, IN, and KY

“The reason I like being a fire investigator is because as a child I loved doing puzzles. To me, a fire scene is one big puzzle. I like gathering all the pieces and putting them together so I can get a clear picture of what actually happened.”

Scott Mackanick, Fire Investigator covering FL

“I started doing fire investigations during my time with the state police in Pennsylvania because they were more interesting than other criminal investigations. After retiring, I decided to continue my career in fires because they challenge you and you get the opportunity to help people find closure after a traumatic event.”

Dana Mason, Fire Investigator covering GA, SC, FL, and OH

“I retired from the US Air Force after 28 years as a Fire Chief. I returned back to do fire investigations for the past 13 years, and am a certified instructor to help others advance in the industry as well.”

Ron Jarocha, Fire Investigator covering FL

“I’ve been a fire investigator for 26 years and I like doing fires because I like putting the puzzle back together.”

Jeff Merritt, Fire Investigator covering FL, GA, AL, and MS

“I began my career in fire investigation over 30 years ago. What I’m most proud of accomplishing is beginning as a fire investigator with the State of Florida and retiring as the Director of the State Fire Marshal’s Office. I am passionate about the work and continuing my career here at Jack Ward.”

Josh Plummer, Fire Investigator covering FL and GA

“I got into fire investigation after graduating from Eastern Kentucky with a bachelor’s in Fire Science Engineering 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve been advancing my skills here at JWFC and by becoming involved with industry associations such as the IAAI.”

John Stewart, Fire Investigator covering SC, NC, and GA

“I’ve been in the fire service industry for over 45 years. I started my fire investigation training at Clemson University where I was both a full time student and full time firefighter. I was the only one in the fire department with a camera, so I was chosen to photograph all the fire scenes. I fell in love with the investigation part of it and continued my training and education focused on this. I retired as Senior Agent with the Arson Unit at SLED in ’08, but continue to do the work I love here at JWFC.”