The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation on November 25th regarding the battery in Chevy Volts. The recent investigation began when a fire occurred in a test facility in Wisconsin three weeks after a Chevy Volt crash test took place. After the crash test took place, the Chevy Volt was left un-bothered, but has been declared the origin of the fire at the testing facility. Since, investigators have tested two Chevy Volt Battery packs which both resulted in a fire. According to engineers at General Motors. Co., they are looking at ways to bolster the Volt`s frame to make it more resistant to side-impact crashes, the possible cause behind the failure in the batteries. According to The Associated Press, General Motors CEO, Dan Akerson maintains that the car is safe and catches fire long after a crash and only when the batteries are charged. There have been no incident or reports on the Chevy Volt causing fire after accident in real world driving.  As a company it is our priority to stay on the forefront of news and fire recalls and we will keep our readers updated on trending topics.