Our very own, Kevin Hays instructed a class on Vehicle Fires at the Florida Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention 34th Annual Training Conference in November.  Kevin used a hot surface demonstration to show the effects of vehicle fluids when exposed to hot engine components.  Through live vehicle burns, Kevin illustrated the burn patterns produced as vehicle fires developed in both the engine and passenger compartments.  Live vehicle burn training benefits the fire investigator as he or she hones their origin and cause investigation skills as it relates to vehicle fires.

According the the NFPA (Nation Fire Protection Agency), there were 184,500 highway vehicle fires last year alone. With the 184,500 fires, 285 people were killed and 1,440 people were injured. The NFPA titles a highway vehicle as any vehicle designed to operate normal on highways. This includes trailers, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and automobiles. Though vehicle fires have dropped tremendously in the past years (from 465,000 vehicle fires in 1980 to 184,500 vehicle fires last year), education is the key to spread awareness on the concern with vehicle fires.

Congratulations to Sandy Ferrer on winning a brand new Kindle! Sandy, from Tower Hill Insurance was an attendee at the 34th Annual Training Conference.