The weather outside has finally turned into chilly days, and even chillier nights. With the temperature dropping every day we can feel the holidays are right around corner, meaning holiday decorating is too. This winter and holiday season Jack Ward Fire Consultants wants to make sure everyone takes the necessary safety precautions while enjoying the holidays and staying warm. With our extensive background in fire investigation, we have made this top 5 list to make sure you are aware of the possible hazards with these highly popular items that are known to be the origin of many fires we have investigated:

1.       Christmas Lights: On dry trees can cause ignition, keep tree watered.
2.       Chimneys/Fireplaces: Residue build-up in chimney and overuse of artificial logs can cause ignition. Please keep chimneys cleaned.
3.      Space Heaters: Keep away from combustible materials.
4.      Electric Blankets: Use them the way they are meant to be used; keep them in “off position” when not in use, and do not stack other items such as other blankets or clothing on top of the electric blanket.
5.      Turkey Fryers: Use them properly. Do not let the grease over heat, use them in a well-ventilated area and do not leave the fryer unattended.

As a team and company we hope you and your families stay safe this winter and holiday season.